Ergonomics at the workplace

An ergonomic workplace is not a matter of course for many employees, even though they work at least 40 hours a week sitting down. The result: 80% of Germans regularly suffer from complaints such as back and neck pain, which are mainly caused by unsuitable work furniture and the resulting poor posture. The effects of inadequate ergonomics are often underestimated - until the pain worsens or becomes chronic.

Ergonomics is crucial for efficient and pain-free working, not only in the office but also when working from home. Employers can make an important contribution to the health of their employees. But what does "ergonomics in the workplace" mean? We explain in this article.

Ergonomics at the workplace
Ergonomic height-adjustable desk from Standable

Why is ergonomics important in the workplace?

Do you often suffer from unpleasant tension in your neck and shoulder muscles or back pain? This pain is the result of poor posture at the workplace caused by an unsuitable desk or office chair. How can such misalignments and pain be prevented? Ergonomics is a term that is becoming increasingly important. Ergonomics aims to promote health and well-being by optimizing the design of the workplace. You should therefore set up your workstation in such a way that incorrect postures and therefore pain are avoided or reduced.

Ergonomic height-adjustable desk from Standable

An ergonomic workstation basically consists of an office chair and a desk:

  • Ergonomic office chair

A well thought-out ergonomic design of the workplace is important both in the home office and in the office in order to promote healthy posture and avoid incorrect strain. The desk chair, for example, is part of the basic equipment of a workplace and should therefore have certain ergonomic properties. To enable dynamic sitting and thus prevent rigid and one-sided strain, the desk chair should offer adjustable arm rests and continuous adjustment to different body sizes. The adjustable armrests prevent you from pulling your shoulders up and down. This protects the neck area and minimizes unpleasant neck pain. The ideal seat height is achieved when the feet are flat on the floor and the upper and lower legs are at a right angle.

Another important aspect is an ergonomic desk. The desk should be height-adjustable so that you can work healthily. This allows the seat height to be optimally adjusted to the individual's height. Ideally, the armrest of the desk chair should be just as high as the table top. A sign that you are sitting optimally: Your shoulders are relaxed while working and can hang down loosely. With the height-adjustable desk from Standable, you can work sitting and standing, which allows you to change your posture during your working day and prevents you from sitting rigidly.

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Other aspects of ergonomics

In addition to adjustable chairs and tables, these areas are also part of ergonomics:

  • Screen positioning: The correct positioning of the screen prevents eye strain and neck tension. A distance of approx. 50-70 cm from the screen is ideal. The screen should also be positioned so that glare from windows or lighting is minimized.
  • Lighting: Good lighting is crucial for concentrated work. Natural light is best, but it should not fall directly on the screen or cause glare. With artificial lighting, you should make sure that the room is evenly lit.
  • Noise: If you work at a high noise level for a long period of time, you risk health problems. The workplace should therefore be designed in such a way that you can concentrate on your work in a quiet environment.

The ergonomics requirements for employers

Employers are legally obliged to ensure health and safety in the workplace - this also includes ergonomics. The Workplace Ordinance includes various requirements, including spatial design, lighting, room climate and the avoidance of lack of space and ergonomic deficiencies. However, these obligations do not currently apply to working from home. The specific occupational health and safety measures that need to be implemented depend on the type of employment. Different occupational health and safety requirements apply to the respective work model. In principle, the employer must determine which occupational health and safety measures are required and carry out a risk assessment. In addition to the precise determination of the workplace, this also includes employee training with regard to the requirements of the Ordinance on Industrial Safety and Health for work equipment.

  • Risk assessment: All factors that influence health and safety in the workplace are identified and appropriate occupational health and safety measures are derived.
  • Effectiveness check: This includes checking the effectiveness of occupational health and safety measures. For example, if ergonomic office furniture is missing, the employer must provide it.

The most important requirements for employers in the area of occupational health and safety:

  1. The workplace should be equipped with ergonomic office furniture.
  2. Employees must have the opportunity to change positions regularly.
  3. The employer must provide regular rest breaks.
  4. The lighting at the workplace should be adjusted so that it is suitable for the respective tasks, is comfortable for employees' eyes and prevents glare or reflections on the screen.

Conclusion - An ergonomic environment is a must for healthy working

Whether working from home or in the office, ergonomics in the workplace is an important aspect of health. Appropriate measures ensure that health complaints and thus absences from work are prevented or effectively reduced. This is why you should, among other things ergonomic desk so that you can work healthily and productively. Let us advise you and invest in ergonomic desks from Standable.

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