Electrically height-adjustable table frames from Standable

Electric height adjustable

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Electric height adjustable

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Electric height adjustable


Electric height adjustable

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Electric height adjustable


The electrically height-adjustable table frames from Standable are the ideal solution if you are looking for a frame that meets different requirements. Whether for children, adults or several people: At Standable you will find electrically height-adjustable table frames that are characterized by high quality and flexibility .

Take a look around our store and find the desk frame that perfectly suits your needs and the way you work.

Electrically height-adjustable table frames: modern solution for ergonomic working

Whether at work or at home, most people spend the majority of the day sitting down. This puts a lot of strain on the back, which can lead to shoulder and neck pain and therefore affect quality of life. With an electrically height-adjustable table frame, the height of the table top can be flexibly adjusted - so you always have the ideal working position for your individual needs. Just like our table frames, our table tops are available in different sizes, colors and designs, so you can choose the right model for every need. This allows the desk frames to blend in visually with any room concept.

What are the advantages of an electrically height-adjustable table frame?

The desk frames from Standable are made of sturdy and robust material , making them extremely durable. Benefit from the possibilities offered by an electrically height-adjustable desk frame and look forward to improved back health, increased concentration and less fatigue.

If you opt for an electrically adjustable desk frame, you are also conserving resources and acting sustainably. Buying a new desk is necessary at the latest when irreparable damage has occurred due to daily use. Thanks to the modular system from Standable , it is no longer necessary to buy a completely new desk, as only the table top needs to be replaced. Our high-quality desk frames therefore allow you to use your desk for many years. This not only saves money, but is also more environmentally friendly.

The advantages of our electrically height-adjustable table frames at a glance:

  • Simple control

Our electrically height-adjustable table frames are designed to maximize user comfort. A key feature is therefore their ease of use, allowing you to effortlessly adjust the height of your table at the touch of a button.

  • Individual customization

A key advantage of our table frames is the individual height adjustment, which allows for optimal posture and changing positions. This prevents static posture, which often leads to tension and other health problems.

  • Robustness and durability

Our electrically height-adjustable table frames are made of robust materials that guarantee both durability and stability. As a result, they can support a considerable amount of weight despite their sleek and minimalist appearance. This is particularly important as workstations are often loaded with multiple monitors, computers and other office equipment.

  • Cost efficiency

Investing in a high-quality table frame from Standable pays off. In addition to an improved working posture, you also benefit from cost savings thanks to the modular system. This is because you only have to replace the table top when you buy a new one.

The special features of the electric table frames from Standable

Our electrically height-adjustable table frames feature an anti-collision function that effectively prevents damage to the table or other objects. If an object is too close to the table while the height of the table top is being adjusted, the movement is stopped. Our electric desk frames also have a memory function in which up to four heights can be saved. This function is particularly useful if you like to switch between sitting and standing while working. Save valuable time: once you have found the right height, save it and simply go back to it the next time. This saves you a lot of experimenting.

The electrically height-adjustable table frames can also be controlled at the touch of a button, and using the control panel is very intuitive.

Choose the right desk frame for you

Our large range includes various electrically height-adjustable desk frames that are suitable for different needs and requirements. Whether for the home office, for the child or for meetings: we have the right model for you.

  • DESKOur standard model is characterized by a modern design and high functionality. Thanks to its technical features, it offers a high level of comfort.

  • KIDS: This robust model is the ideal choice for children, as it can be conveniently adjusted to a child-friendly height of between 50 and 95 cm. In addition to the individual height adjustment, the table frame also scores with a tabletop thickness of 2.5 cm and 2 powerful motors, guaranteeing an impressive load capacity of up to 100 kg.

  • ECOThis sustainable table frame is equipped with a motor and a table top made from FSC-certified EU wood. The ECO model offers a major advantage: thanks to the integrated motor, power consumption is lower, making the table frame ideal for beginners.

  • EASYAs the name suggests, the "Easy" model is designed for ease of use and simplicity. The table frame can be individually adjusted using a practical hand crank and is ideal for people who prefer a minimalist approach without sacrificing the benefits of an electric table.

  • L-SHAPEThis model offers an L-shaped work surface that is ideal for corners or larger work areas. It offers plenty of space for computers, documents and other office items and enables efficient use of space in office environments.

  • MEETINGDeveloped for meeting rooms, the "Meeting" model can be used by several people. It can be adjusted in height to allow both standing and seated working. This creates a dynamic and interactive environment.

Standable - Your partner for electrically adjustable desk frames

Optimize your workplace ergonomically and comfortably with the desk frames from Standable. Thanks to the electric height adjustment, you can flexibly adjust the height of the table top so that you can set the most comfortable height depending on your activity and requirements.

Experience the difference of an ergonomic working environment for yourself and invest in a healthier posture. Order your height-adjustable desk frame now and benefit from comfort and flexibility.