Accessories for your height adjustable desk


Height adjustable desks offer numerous advantages, are beneficial to health, flexible to use and thus an asset to any office or home office. To help you use your workstation even more effectively, you will find a wide range of practical accessories for your height-adjustable desk at Standable .

The variety of accessories for the height adjustable desks from Standable

At Standable you will find a wide range of accessories for height-adjustable desks: from desk drawers to ergonomic chairs and lamps that mimic daylight. Each product has the potential to make your workspace even more usable and enhance your well-being. Feel free to browse our range and find your favorites.

Drawers for more storage space and order

The available space on every desk is limited, but nevertheless numerous utensils are needed in everyday working life, which should always be within reach if possible. Drawers, a drawer inlay or entire mobile pedestals can help here. They offer space for pens, notepads, paper clips, folders and other things and at the same time ensure a tidy appearance, as the table surface remains free. Make the best use of the available space and have everything you need for your work within reach at all times thanks to drawers or roll containers.

Safe, space-saving and aesthetic at the same time: cable hoses and monitor holders

Tangled, exposed cables are not pretty to look at and are also a safety hazard, especially if pets or children have access to the home office after hours. Cable hoses help to store monitor cables, USB cables and charging cables in an aesthetically pleasing and also safe way.

Monitor mounts, on the other hand, keep your workspace looking tidy while providing maximum flexibility. Set the ideal height as well as the perfect angle for two to four monitors and feel free to make changes at any time if you change your working position.

Ergonomic seating for your height adjustable desk

What would an ergonomic desk be without the right chair? Discover the different types of ergonomic office chairs that support your back in just the right places. Of course, the chairs are individually adjustable in several places, so you can fully customize the chair to your needs.

If you prefer to work standing up, you will also find sit/stand stools in various heights in our range. These allow you to sit in motion, promote Balance and are naturally back-friendly. The height of the seat can be adjusted continuously, making the stools suitable for people of all heights. A simple, elegant design completes the product and ensures that the sit/stand stools fit easily into any room design visually.

The perfect lighting: floor lamps and desk lamps

Some people start work early, others work deep into the night. To help you perform at your best despite the lack of daylight, we offer high-quality desk lamps and floor lamps in our range. Our lamps have an anti-glare protection as well as a diffusion foil and ensure that the natural lighting conditions are imitated as best as possible. Bring mental peak performance at any time by providing the appropriate lighting conditions.

Discover the ideal accessories for your height adjustable desk

Whether cable hoses, lamps, drawers or ergonomic chairs: Whatever accessories you are looking for, you will find them at Standable . Equip your new workstation with everything you have always wanted from a desk and discover the versatility that a height-adjustable desk offers you with Standable .